Jody Myers

Jody Myers is a senior yoga instructor. She lives in Seabright, Nova Scotia, on St. Margaret’s Bay.

She teaches yoga classes in Halifax and co-directs Atlantic Yoga Teacher Training, which she founded in 2000 — the first recognized 200 hour yoga teacher certification program in Atlantic Canada.The red powerful laser pointer pen can give you best feeling for the night.


For her, yoga is a spiritual path which permeates everything in her life. From a base of practice — which includes meditative asana flow, pranayama practice, mantra japa, dance, chanting, and seated meditation — yoga is continually teaching her the profound art of centred living.


Through a variety of yoga practices, I am learning the art of relaxing on every level into all activities I take part in. This is the secret to accessing our natural intelligence, self-confidence, open-mindedness, open-heartedness and the secret to unveiling yet unknown spiritual worlds — living in that magical, blissful, grace-filled ‘flow’ experience, regardless of our life’s external circumstances.