Nova Scotia Yoga Workshops & Activities

For Kripalu teachers and AYTT teachers

January 29 & 30
Sat 9:00 – 4:00, Sun 10:00 – 1:00
Deepening Your Practices (level 2)
With Jody Myers

Location: The Yoga Loft, Suite 301, 5663 Cornwallis Street, Halifax

A transformative weekend
This weekend will include a safe, in-depth, enjoyable, systematic pranayama routine that can be added to your yoga practices for variety and enhancemmant of the meditative experience. Learn about the ‘kleshas’ (different from the ‘koshas’), and how they affect our subconscious thinking patterns. The second-level sequence of Amrit Yoga will be introduced. The uniqueness of Amrit Yoga is the deep blend of Hatha and Raja yoga which guides us powerfully and naturally into the integrative depths of yoga.


This workshop does not focus on more advanced hatha yoga postures. The focus is on introducing Raja Yoga (witness consciousness) to deepen ones meditation-in-motion experience as well as developing other tools which can enhance your yoga experience. Postures are held for a length of time and then released into spontaneous, intuitive movements. At this level we are at the stage prior to the awakening of kundalini/shakti, which is being safely, gently and systematically freed up. The weekend will also include chanting, dancing and a long guided yoga nidra (different from level 1).


This workshop is for intermediate level yoga students who have received the foundational workshop Deepening Your Practices Level 1, and are looking to enhance their yoga journey. Exceptions – with special permission from Jody. Cd’s of some of the practices are available upon completion of the workshop.